Avec Plaisir: Improve Your French With Conversations

Dramatically improve your listening and speaking skills

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The Best Way To Learn And Consolidate your French

 It’s possible with “Avec Plaisir”.

Here’s how it works, week by week:

* Learn fundamental conversation skills and discuss your goals.

* Work on the material you’ve received while preparing for the weekly live interactive meet ups.

* Attend special sessions once a week to exchange views on the assignments and be part of a discussion on a topic of interest. This will enhance your Speaking ability.

* You’ll also learn how to organise your thoughts as your pre-class prep.

* Assess what you’ve achieved so far and implement strategies, if needed, to hit your goals.

* Measure what you’ve accomplished and document yourself to maintain the gains you’ve achieved long term.

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Avec Plaisir: Improve Your French With Conversations

✔ This is a 12 Week Course For Busy professionals revealing the “Do and Dont’s ” To Understanding And Speaking French

✔ Payment option: 3 monthly instalments of US $137(Tax not included)

✔ 14 Days Money Back Guaranteed ( No questions asked)

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Here’s What You’ll Get!

✔ Access to The entire course from day 1

✔ Assessment of your reading comprehension with written material ( Passage of novel or non-fiction, Newspaper articles or blog articles)

✔ Extensive study of the ” Topic of the week”

✔ Weekly interactive 30 minute discussion meetings about the “Topic of the week”
     with your coach.

✔ Listening skill practice with short videos by native speakers

✔ Contact with Tutor through email, Telegram and Zoom

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Reasons why you need this course

✔ You will be able to identify and understand different accents in French.

✔ You will work on your pronunciation and will sound more like a native speaker.

✔ You will learn to rid of insecurity and fear of communication in French.

✔ You will develop a series of skills and strategies that will allow you to understand the language correctly.

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What our customers write about us

“It was difficult for me to understand when somebody was speaking to me in French. I was constantly trying to translate the words back and forth. The French conversation course gave me consistency, discipline and made me stronger in listening comprehension as well as speaking. I enjoyed doing the exercises and especially investigating about “the topic of the week”. This helped me boost my vocabulary knowledge of certain specific topics. I loved this course and would highly recommend it to everyone struggling to let go of the fear of expressing themselves in French.”

“I had been studying French for three years. My reading and listening comprehension were alright, but I was unable to speak without feeling that I was wrestling with every sentence I had to produce. This 12-week conversation course helped me get pass through my inability to talk. The subjects we had to investigate for the coaching calls are current and allowed me to grow my vocabulary pool. And at the same time, I was able to revise the expressions and phrases I was supposed to already know in order to voice out my opinion during the coaching calls. I have to admit that the first weeks were not that easy, but I slowly got used to them and without noticing it I was improving week after week. When the course ended, I was much more at ease with the language. I still have access to the course, and I often go back to it to keep everything fresh in my mind. I truly enjoyed this course. Thanks”.