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Paid and FREE courses

Build Your Language learning Plan For Success Workshop

5-Day Video workshop

to help you define your objectives and plan effectively your language learning

Language courses: French, Spanish, Italian, English 

With The Coaching Approach. 

10-hour Course

Workshop: Guide To Memorising Vocabulary

     How to learn foreign vocabulary


English, French, and Spanish Conversation Practice (All levels)

Weekly coaching call practice via Zoom


Medical terms in Spanish

Learn 110+ Medical terms in Spanish 

accompanied by example sentences and audio.     $152.40

Avec Plaisir: Improve your French with conversations

Dramatically improve your listening and speaking skills

3 payments of $164.40

Spanish conversation practice

Monthly Zoom meetings to practice your Spanish speaking skills.


French Conversation Practice

Monthly Zoom meetings to practice your French speaking skills


FREE 7 days Improve your Speaking Skills Challenge

“A daily routine build on good habits separate the most  successful from everyone else.”


HEBDO: Les nouvelles au ralenti

Weekly Audio where we discuss current news in French at a slower pace. + discussion of a grammar point.


How To Learn Vocabulary Effectively

VIDEO Session


Build Your Language Learning Plan WORKBOOK

A standalone Workbook 

To help you Plan your language learning

French Expressions

Talk like a native speaker

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Book: Troubleshooting Your Language Learning Journey

A  practical guide for busy professionals who want to improve their language skills

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 Standard English Speech course

For Professionals willing to improve their quality of speech.

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