Build Your Language learning Plan For Success WORKSHOP

At the end of the 5-day workshop you will:

* Have a clear vision of what your language goals are.

* Set deadlines Identify the hurdles that you’ll have to overcome.

* Identify skills, abilities and resources necessary.

* Identify your support network Make a list of what is required to achieve your language goals.

* Program at least one language activity a day. Find ways to become self-disciplined

* Visualise your language goals.

What is the ultimate goal of this workshop? 

With this plan, you will stop guessing and effectively start learning and mastering the foreign language that you always dreamed to speak. Once you’ve done the work, you can replicate it over and over with other foreign languages

The Build Your Language Learning Plan For Success Workshop is for you if you are:

+ Tired of hopping from one thing to the next without understanding how it all fits together.

+ Tired of spending time on things that don’t get you results and are ready to know what can get you serious momentum.

+ Tired of not knowing if you will get results with all you are doing.

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