Build Your Language Learning Plan Workbook

A beautiful Workbook to keep all your language goals together

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Build Your Language Learning Plan Workbook

If you ever wanted to know how to create an awesome language learning plan for successful learning
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receive a beautiful PDF with
Concrete exercises to help you clarify your goal.

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“It was fun and interesting and most importantly it really helped me to delve deeper and see my own goal and how to work it out with the strategies that are given here. The masterclass allowed me to go deeper into my thoughts and jot down my ideas in the workbook. this session was profound and I know it is going to be helpful and effective for accomplishing my goal and it wouldn’t have happened without this workshop.

Vince Kennedy

“I had been learning French on and off without reaching fluency. Writing things on the workbook have given me clarity on the reasons why I failed in the past, as well as understanding the level of commitment required. It showed me that planning is key, It is important to believe that I can and documenting everything has helped me realised that. Thanks

Giselle Barnett