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With The Coaching Approach 

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Learn French, Spanish, Italian, or English 

With the Coaching Approach

10-Hour course tailored to your needs to help you consolidate your knowledge of French, Spanish, Italian, or English .

What are the benefits of the coaching approach?

* It helps students have clear goals.

Most adult learners study a language due to work related reasons; either to get a promotion or in a bid to interact with international business counterparts and deal with them in the target language. We help them establish realistic expectations by setting clear goals and agree on a timeframe.

It happens often that the learners take a back sit expecting that the teacher provides everything: the lessons, the materials and they come up with little and no input from them. Not with us.

* We help students draw a comprehensive plan.

Some students think that “a few lessons” will be enough to reach the level of expertise required from them in their new language. It is important to be aware of their expectations and ensure that they are realistic

If the learners aim is to be able to communicate with their business colleagues, it is more than evident that improving their communication skills will be their priority. The usual 1-hour-a-week session won’t suffice to guaranty considerable improvements. Extra curricular work will be necessary.

* With the Coaching Approach, we guide the students towards autonomy. “You get out, what you put in”.

It is evident that they will need to dedicate extra time and resources to practice the language. So, learners also take responsibility for their learning.

10-Hour French, Spanish, Italian, or English Course

What’s Included in the course?

.✔️ One off planning session
✔️ Weekly 1:1 teaching Call via Zoom
✔️ Access to Telegram private language speaking group
✔️ Tailormade course
✔️ Review meeting at the end to assess if targets were            reached
✔️ Contact via Email and Telegram
✔️ 50% discount on any of our other courses or programs
     during the duration of this course.

Our focus is to help you overcome your fear of speaking a foreign language and equip you so that you become conversational even at the beginner’s level.