9 Best Language Learning tools


9 Best Language Learning tools

Sat, 15 Jul 2017 10:36

By Geralde Vincent-Bancroft

I could list many reasons why learning a language can be useful. I bet you already know them all, let’s focus today on the best learning tools that can help you achieve your goals.

1- DUOLINGO  is a good learning tool for beginners.

* Duolingo helps you start learning some of the most basic expressions you would use when visiting a country.

*The teaching method is fun, practical and easy.

* Your progress is checked regularly. It is aware of your mistakes, where you make them and which questions are difficult for you to get right.

* you earn points for completing your lessons and when you make some mistakes they are deduced. You may also lose lives if they are too many.

* Every new skills builds on the vocabulary and syntax that you’ve already learned.

* It’s available online and has an APP for Androids and IOS.

* It’s a free learning tool. 


2-ANKI: memorisation learning tool

Anki means memorisation in Japanese. It’s a flashcard program created in 2006.

* It displays a word, phrase, image or sound

* You repeat it, translate it and memorise it.

* You can load custom card sets depending on what you want to memorise

* You can download shared decks in the App.


* It’s an Audio Based method

* It focuses on participation in speaking and sound exercises.

* You repeat phrases and words after a native speaker.

* As new phrases are introduced your memory is reinforced with older ones.

* It’s available in 50 Languages

* Available online and on Mobile APP.

* It’s Not a Free learning tool.

Language on the go


Memrise is a language learning platform.

* It specialises in combining memory techniques and entertaining content in order to make language learning fun.

* It uses flashcards-style programs with added memory tricks, images, and other useful learning tools to make learning a new language entertaining and easy.

* You can compete against other users while you learn.

* It’s a Free learning tool.

* Available online and Mobile APP for Android and IOS.


* It’s a Teacher’s Market place.

* It connects you with native speakers from all over the world.

* It allows you to practice your verbal skills.

* You can take personalised lessons over Skype for as little as $6-$8 dollars/hour depending on the language, of course.

* This learning tool caters for all levels.

Have a look


Glossika is a spaced repetition training system, and it is an optimum learning tool.

* It improves your fluency through repetitions: you listen and repeat.

* It’s useful for listening comprehension

* It’s effective if used daily.

* It’s available in many different languages.

7- FORVO: pronunciation learning tool

Forvo is the pronunciation dictionary website.

*You can search for written words and expressions that you do not know how to pronounce in almost every single language.

*You can request an audio pronunciation as well and hear a native speaker pronounce it.

* It’s Free but donations are accepted.


Busuu is a language learning website.

* It’s got a free learning APP for IOS and Android.

* You can learn Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Russian as well as the European languages.

* It somehow follows the immersion approach to language learning.

* You can also talk to a native speaker.


* It is a useful translation service.

* It is web based.

* There is an APP for IOS and for Android as well.

* Useful for when you’re out and about in foreign countries.

There are plenty more resources out there, but I think one or a combination of these will help you jump start your language learning.


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