Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language


Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language

For An English Speaker

By Geralde Vincent-Bancroft

 English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. So, do you really need to put in the effort to learn a foreign language? Is it worth it? Absolutely!

 There are still plenty of good reasons why you should consider learning another language. 

For those who have always wanted to learn a foreign language, here’s an overview of its many benefits.

Learning a foreign language opens Up New Opportunities

Learning a new language can open up a whole new world of opportunities.

Improved Job Opportunities 

It’s no secret that speaking multiple languages is hugely attractive to employers. Being bilingual or multilingual can open up a whole host of job opportunities across various industries including business management, international relations, marketing, hospitality, and education.

 Even if your job doesn’t require you to use your second language skills, being able to speak another language will make you stand out from other candidates. It could be the difference between getting hired or not! 

 Not only will it make you more attractive to employers, but it can also be beneficial when traveling abroad.

 Many countries also require applicants for certain jobs or visas to demonstrate proficiency in their native language. For example, if you’re applying to teach English as a foreign language in Japan, it would be highly advantageous for you to know some basic Japanese.

Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Your Native Language

Learning another language can also give you greater insight into your own native tongue. It can help you understand grammar  and syntax more thoroughly than ever before. You will even be able to pick up on nuances that were previously lost for you. 

Having a better handle on your own language will make it easier for you to communicate clearly and effectively with others.

Learning a foreign language helps you to discover New Perspectives On Life

Language plays an important role in shaping our culture  and identity. So learning another tongue helps us gain exposure to different cultures and ways of life.

You’ll start to pick up on nuances- like body language, humour, customs and traditions- that might be lost for someone who doesn’t understand the native tongue. With this knowledge comes greater respect for different cultures. You will have empathy for those people whose first language isn’t English.

 And who knows —you might even find yourself travelling somewhere abroad just so you can practice your newfound skills!  

 You may end up being inspired by works written in this other language or coming away with fresh ideas that could change the way you see things around you. 

Furthermore, exploring other cultures through their respective languages can inspire empathy and understanding towards people from diverse backgrounds – something that is especially valuable in today’s increasingly globalised world.  

Learning a foreign language provides enhanced Cognitive Powers 

Learning a foreign language has been proven to improve cognitive abilities such as problem solving, multitasking, and focus.

 It also helps with memory  recall and can even reduce age-related declines in cognition. This is because when we learn something new, we create new neural pathways in our brains that help us store and recall information more efficiently.

 As an added bonus, studies have found that those who learned a second language scored higher on IQ tests than those who only spoke their native tongue! 

Learning a foreign language helps you communicate better with the locals

 Being able to communicate with locals in their native tongue makes traveling easier and more enjoyable.  You’ll get insider tips about the best places to go and experience local cuisine without worrying about not being understood.

 Plus, if you find yourself lost or confused during your travels, speaking the local language will help you find assistance quickly and efficiently.


  Learning another language is no easy feat – but at the end of the day, it’s well worth the effort. It opens up exciting new career opportunities for those who wish to pursue them. It also gives us insights into our own culture and opens up possibilities for personal growth as well.

 So if learning a foreign language has been on your bucket list for some time – now might just be the perfect time to get started!

Let me know in the comments what language you would like to learn.

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