Business English Empowers Non-Native Speakers


Business English Empowers Non-Native Speakers

By Alexandra Vincent

Business English coaching is a great way to improve your communication skills. 

Business English coaching takes the form of private lessons for executives, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to improve their communication skills and enhance their success in business.

Coaching takes place one-on-one with the coach and his or her client, in person or online. It’s easy for a non-native speaker to participate from anywhere around the world.

  It is recommended that coaches be native speakers or fully bilingual. 

Business meeting and overlaid Business English Coaching Empowers Non-Native Speakers

Goals of business English coaching 

Helping the client communicate with clarity , confidence and conviction in any business setting, is the main goal.

They focus on practicing what you need to say. You then become as effective as possible when speaking with clients or customers. 

Business English coaching is a focused, customized program that helps a non-native speaker to develop fluency, accuracy, and confidence in the target language. You are then able to communicate with clarity, confidence and conviction in any business setting.

Your coach sets an introductory session followed by some form of business-related activity such as role play or presentation preparation. In addition, he/she provides feedback on your performance during these activities. He/she will also provide advice on how you can improve your skills further.

Online Business English Coaching is a good alternative to in-person coaching

Business English coaching can be in person or online.

There are several ways to receive business English coaching. Some coaches prefer to meet their students in person. Others may be able to do so only during certain hours.

 If you live far away from your coach or are unable to travel, consider the option of online coaching. Your instructor can see you and adjust nonverbal communication attitudes by offering tips such as  changing posture when speaking or reducing filler words like “um” or “you know” or help you provide a better tone and volume.

Some teachers prefer one platform over another due to its ease of use or availability of technical support. Others simply have personal preferences that they would like to share with their students before setting up sessions together.

The coach ensures that your vocabulary and grammar are spot on

Not only will a good coach help you improve your overall fluency, he or she will make sure you have the right vocabulary and grammar for the specific situations you might encounter at work.

A good coach will focus on what you need to improve your business English skills, not just in general, but also in specific situations. He or she will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses so that you can create a plan to improve them. Your coach should provide feedback on progress made as well.

Finally, the right coach will make sure that the vocabulary and grammar that they teach are appropriate for the specific situations that you might encounter at work.

Coaching is customized to your needs.

Business English Coaching is a one-on-one learning experience that can help you advance your career and improve your business language skills. 

Whether your needs involve public speaking, writing reports or negotiating international contracts, coaching can make sure that your message gets across clearly every time.

A business English coach will not only teach you the language of business but will also serve as a mentor. He or she will help you build confidence in your ability to communicate effectively in English. They’ll help you develop the vocabulary and grammar skills needed to succeed in today’s global marketplace.

With Business English coaching you’ll have better career opportunities.

With proper guidance from an expert, it is possible to leverage your language skills for better career opportunities and even promotions.

• You can improve your chances of getting a promotion by using your language skills to their full advantage.

• Your language skills will help you in the workplace, especially if you’re working with clients or customers who are non-native speakers of English.

• Using your language skills in an office setting also has many benefits as it allows you to communicate effectively with colleagues and other professionals.

• It helps when attending meetings with clients or customers where English is not their first language, especially if there are others who don’t speak English fluently.

You become more confident with knowledge of business English

For those that wish to engage in international mobility and open up new possibilities across borders, a good working knowledge of Business English is essential.

Business English coaching can help you to communicate effectively with people from other countries. It will give you the confidence to communicate clearly in any business situation. You will learn how to organize your thoughts, choose the right vocabulary, improve your grammar skills, develop pronunciation skills and increase fluency when speaking English at work or when attending meetings abroad.

The advantages of taking business English courses are many. You will become more confident as an individual. You will be able to do better at your job or career. You will make friends with people from all around the world. You’ll learn about other cultures so that they won’t seem so foreign anymore!

Advantages of learning a second language

Learning a second language brings many rewards including improved cognition, enhanced problem solving abilities and increased creativity.

Mariana is a CEO who is always looking for ways to improve the business. She knows that learning a second language can help her think more clearly. It can help her think more creatively, improve memory and problem solving skills, and even help her be more empathetic.

But getting there can be tricky for some people. The first step toward mastering a new language is understanding that it’s easy to make mistakes when speaking another language. And if you’re afraid of making mistakes in public or in front of your boss, fear will stop you from trying to learn at all. 

This is why Mariana decided to hire an English coach from Speak-Fast-Languages . We specialize in helping non-native speakers improve their speaking abilities. We break down barriers related to confidence issues so they can start speaking confidently again without worrying about making mistakes!


A coach can help you move ahead in your career by improving your communication skills significantly.

Let’s Talk Business By Speak-Fast-Languages can help you move ahead in your career by improving your communication skills significantly. 

The program starts with an initial conversation. We will get a sense of what your needs are and how best we can help you achieve them.

 This first session will also give an idea about the direction we should go to deliver the most impactful training experience possible.

 A customized curriculum will be developed based on our discussion (or sessions). A non-native speaker will  develop fluency, accuracy and confidence in the target language. This will allow them to express themselves more effectively both verbally and in writing!

If you are serious about improving your English language skills for business, then business English coaching is an excellent option.


Alexandra Vincent is the coordinator of Business English at Speak-Fast-Languages.

She collaborates with prestigious institutions such as the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, CCM campus; Escuela Superior de Comercio y Administración de Instituto Politécnico Nacional and Lasalle University among other educational institutions. 

Alexandra also publishes several articles with the magazine Macroeconomia and Xaragua Magazine.

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